Jay Rod

My name is Jeremy Lockett and I am an up and coming Entrepreneur. After graduating school in 2010 I knew I did not want to spend my life working and making money for other people so I began to get more creative with my life. I was raised by an educated and driven single mother that would not take no for an answer or let anything get in her way of making sure I her son (myself) had the best upbringing and well rounded life. After all, I was the only latchkey child in the house. When I say I had a well-rounded childhood, I was taught how to cook from scratch from my grandmother. Also received my drivers license at 14 years of age, and have been a self-made mechanic from there. I did a short stint in community college and learned quickly that I did not want to work to pay off student loans the rest of my life and started generating my own money and honing my skills as a mechanic and a welder. Already having a hand in automotive & culinary I decided to take some courses in the particular skill set. After a semester of school and general life getting a hold of me I decided to take a break off school and really get into the workforce. This is when I dove head first into the welding world; I worked for a company that specialized in making bathtubs and animal cages out of stainless steel. I entered the company as an entry-level employee, but after some months I slowly worked my way into the more diverse and tough skill sets in the plant. After working there for about a year I decide to try my own hand at welding and bought my very first Machine. As I began to ticker with it and get the gist and researched how the machine worked I was off to do all of my own work. As time passed, I began to get noticed by car enthusiasts and was questioned about my work. Before I knew it I was making custom parts for cars or fixing broken parts for everyone in my area; while also my reputation grew like wildfire therefore is what led me to turning it into a business.